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J A D U L   V I L L A G E 


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D e s t i n a t i o n

Jadul village is located right at the heart of Lembang,

giving you easy and convenient access to many of 

Lembang's  tourist  attractions.

S t o n e  B a t h u b 

Stone bathub is made from genuine natural stone which

carved became a high value art, it’s only in jadul village

that can soak with bathtub that made

from natural stone

S p a  &  R e l a x a t i o n 

We offer you special massage that blend by eastern

and western massage techniques that will refresh your

mind and soul also make your body feel youth. We use

the herbal as ingredient for massage that provided the

Javanese local culture. 

A r c h i t e c t u r e   a n d

I n t e r i o r   D e s i g n


Just 30 minutes from central Bandung to the North, Just 30 minutes from central Bandung to the North, you'll find a resort

with an unique and different perspective concept, which you will u'll find a resort with an unique and different perspective

concept, which you will not find anywhere else. With a height 1.300 m asl (above sea level), Jadul Village Resort & Spa

presents a cozy mountain air freshness in the midst of the many beautiful tourism objects around Lembang.

Finally, please enjoy and feel the sensation of your exploration into the past through the interaction with a lot of antique

collections at Jadul Village Resort & Spa.

Jadul village offer you the unique architecture of

Indonesia’s building style especially Javanese

architectural style. 


Find Jadul Village Resort & Spa in your life. Escape from weary routine living, then take a fresh relaxation place, is like

finding oases in a desert. Feel the cool and fresh air of Lembang with a touch of natural atmosphere and old-fashioned

culture sensation in Jadul Village Resort & Spa that can not found in other resorts. 

Jadul Village Resort & Spa provides a new experience about an unforgettable unique resort, where you brought closer to
nature with a beautiful landscape. Moreover, you can feel a different atmosphere with a touch of tradition while enjoying
some antique things from the past. Here, you will be presented the original invaluable ornaments of Indonesian culture
heritages. So no doubt, spent the night in Jadul Village like finding a time tunnel that lead us into the sensations of old
days lifestyle. The Javanese Traditional Building - such as gebyok, joglo and limasan as well as another antique 

collections as though tell stories about time travel in the past.